Warren Harris




114 Aupaki Rd, RD11, Hastings, New Zealand

CQ Zone 32

email warren@zl2aj.com


Club Association

NZART member www.nzart.org.nz/nzart

NZART Branch 13 Hastings (President) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zl2as/

NZART Wellington VHF Group www.vhf.org.nz


My Interests

AREC - Amateur Radio Emergency Communications

Event Communications - System design, event co-ordination

Field Contests and Experimentation


My Equipment

From Home - Yaesu FT847 and Yaesu FL2100B

From the car - Yaesu FT897, Codan 8528B

I have various other radios, Primarily VHF and UHF Commercial Rigs

I have portable UHF portable repeaters 8625 and 9675 (both VHF linkable)

I am trustee for UHF portable repeater 9625 (also VHF linkable)

                        UHF repeater 9175 (HF link)

                        IRLP Node 6793 www.irlp.net

                        Repeaters 670, 870, 8425.


Local Repeaters

670 - Hawkes Bay 2m, RF80ke 646mASL

725 - Napier 2m IRLP 6793, RF80iu 1308mASL

690 - Gisborne 2m, RF80hd 948mASL

870 - Hawkes Bay 70cm, RF80kh 260mASL (Linked to 665 Southern HB)

8425 - Taraponui 70cm, RF80iu 1308mASL

485 - Erin 70cm, RF80kg 489mASL (National System)

9175 - Clifton 70cm, RF80kh 251mASL (HF remote)

Portable Repeaters 6925 VHF, 8625 9625 9675 UHF


Where to find me on the air

Try local Hawkes Bay repeater 670

Try IRLP node 6793 (local repeater 725)

Try the National System (local 485 UHF repeater) http://www.nzart.org.nz/nzart/Repeaters/NS_.pdf



My Shack

My Tower



QSL Information

via Lotw

to qsl@zl2aj.com

to the following address

Warren Harris
501 Wellwood St
Hastings 4120
New Zealand


www.technaserve.com - My business